Direct Injection-Molding of Recycled Plastics

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, September 22 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

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Title: Direct Injection-Molding of Recycled Plastics


There is growing demand by various plastic product manufacturers to incorporate recycled plastics into their products. This demand must be coupled with economic viability to insure a continuing market for this endeavor. 

The common practice of converting plastic scrap into an injection-molded part includes a extrusion-pelletizing operation.  This step is deemed necessary to homogenize the material; filter out contaminates, and by incorporating additives and modifiers, the recyclate’s physical properties can be enhanced. 

The down-side is that this operation adds a heat history to the material, and also adds additional cost. 

With the advent of novel technology, it is commercially viable to integrate this scrap-to-molded-part process into one operation. 

The basic process is to characterize the scrap material by cleaning and blending the recyclate followed by testing the material to ascertain its purity, and mechanical properties. If need be, additives and modifiers can be incorporated to enhance the formulated material’s mechanical properties. Thus conditioned, the regrind material can be molded on modified equipment and the extrusion-pelletizing step is eliminated. 

My paper will detail the scrap preparation and identification procedure, and the equipment necessary to successfully, and economically, fabricate the recycled material into top-quality plastic articles. 


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